Miscellaneous Reports

  • Kaunakakai Ferry System improvements, coral transplantation plan. Prep. for Wilson Okamoto Corp. AECOS 1211B: 19 pp. February 2012.
  • Biological Resources Update for the Geary Property (TMK: (1) 4-5-032: 001) in Kaneohe. Prep. for Wil Chee Planning, Inc. [AECOS Consultants: E. Guinther] AC114: 3 pp letter report. January 2012.
  • Avifaunal surveys and assessment of impacts to all listed species for the Kaneohe-Kailua sewer main upgrade project alternatives. Prep. for Wilson Okamoto Corp. AECOS No.
    1215E: 17 pp. December 2010.
  • Biological survey of an offshore aquaculture pen moored temporarily in Kawaihae Small
    Boat Harbor
    . Prep. for Kona Blue. AECOS No. 1236: 7 p. June 2010.
  • Studies relevant to restoration efforts in Kawai Nui Marsh.[AECOS Consultants: E. Guinther, R. J. Moye, and S. A. Cattell]. AC028. March 2006.
  • Sea turtles at Kaupoa on West Molokai. AECOS No. 869: 4 p. August 1996.
  • Report of Findings: Water Column Samples AECOS No. 865A: 2 p. June 1996. & Report of Findings: Sediment Samples. AECOS No. 865B: 4 p. June 1996 [sorting and taxonomy of client collected wetland samples].
  • Results of Microscopic Examination for Diatoms (Bacillariophyceae) in Two Sediment Samples from the Hawaii Convention Center Site. AECOS No. 834A: 8 p. August 1995.
  • A taxonomic analysis of stomach contents from loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta). AECOS No. 697: 12 p. August 1992
  • Monitoring of Gambierdiscus toxicus on marine macroalgae during construction of the lagoons at Ko Olina Resort, West Beach, Oahu. AECOS No. 566: 12 p. 1989.
  • Impacts assessment for the Mauna Lani Cove development with regard to humpback whales. AECOS No. 588. 1989.
  • Supplemental biological studies made during ferromanganese crust resource assessment cruises in the Hawaiian Islands EEZ and their application to an environmental assessment
    of ocean mining operations
    . AECOS No. 416: 105 p. 1986.
  • Bioassay and bioaccumulation species list for dredged material testing in the Hawaiian Islands. AECOS No. 395: 57 p. July 1984.
  • OTEC/TRW Phase II Impact Studies, Macro-fouling. AECOS No. 399: 30 p. November 1983.
  • Zooplankton and larval fish near the Honouliuli Deep Ocean Outfall. Interim report. AECOS N0. ???, 28 p + appendices. July 1983.
  • Coastal ecosystem pamphlet (U.H. Sea Grant Program). AECOS No. 202. 1980.
  • Zooplankton and larval fish study off Sand Island and Mokapu ocean outfall areas. Year 03. Interim report, first sampling quarter. AECOS No. 141: 48 p. 1979.
  • Zooplankton and larval fish study off Sand Island and Mokapu ocean outfall areas. Year 02. Final report. AECOS No. 141: 160 p. 1979.
  • Environmental assessment and management planning of mooring systems in Hawaii. ECI
    No. 151: 76 p. 1978.
  • Biological and biochemical investigations on water samples from Kahuku Seafood Plantation. ECI No. 143: 23 pp. September, 1977.
  • Marine water quality parameters: an ecosystem approach. Prep. for State of Hawaii, Department of Health. ECI No. ???: 16 p.
  • Kaneohe Bay Urban Water Resources Study: Benthic Biota. In: Kaneohe Bay Water Resources Data Evaluation Appendices I and II. ECI No. 123.


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