Botanical Surveys

  • Botanical surveys of Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) properties in North Kona, Island of Hawaii proposed for designation as critical habitat for three species of plants. [with A. Whistler]. Prep. for Attorney General of the State of Hawaii. AECOS No. 1360: 41 pp. September 2013.
  • Preconstruction (due diligence) survey for ko'oloa 'ula (Abutilon menziesii) on Lot 18063 of TMK: (1) 9-1-017: 107). Prep. for Mutual Housing Assoc. AECOS No. 1200B: 6 pp. April 2012.
  • Update plant list for Keaukaha Military Reservation, Hilo. Prep. for EA Engineering, Science and Technology, Inc. AECOS No. 1304: 15 pp. March 2012.
  • Biological Resources Update for the Geary Property (TMK: (1) 4-5-032: 001) in Kaneohe. Prep. for Wil Chee - Planning. AECOS Consultants No. AC114: 3 pp. January 2012.
  • Survey for invasive plant species at the Honolulu Rail Transit Project, Maintenance and Storage Facility site (Waipahu) in advance of construction activities. Prep. for Kiewit/Kobayashi, a Joint Venture AECOS No. 1234D: 17 pp. Decemer 2011.
  • Survey of natural resources for the Maili Beach Park Improvements Project, Maili, Oahu. Prep. for Pacific Environmental Planning. AECOS No. 1289: 7 pp. October 2011.
  • Survey for invasive species on the Honolulu High-Capacity Transit Corridor Project
    (HHCTCP) guideway alignment between Pearl Highlands and Aloha Stadium station sites (Pearl City and Aiea) in advance of preconstruction geotechnical surveys
    . Prep. for Kiewit Pacific. AECOS No. 1234C: 11 pp. August 2011.
  • Biological survey for the Palani Avenue Drainage Improvements Project, Kapahulu, Honolulu, Oahu. Prep. for Gray, Hong, Nojima & Assoc., Inc. AECOS No. 1264: 7 pp. June 2011.
  • Listed and sensitive species investigation, PJKK Federal Building & U.S. Courthouse,
    . Prep. for Gray, Hong, Nojima & Assoc., Inc. AECOS No. 1270: 3 p. letter report. May 2011.
  • An update of the 2005 Invasive Plant Species Control Plan, Kaena Point Satellite Tracking Station, Hawaii. Prep. for Zapata Inc. AECOS No. 1244: 28 pp. May 2011.
  • [MORE botanical survey reports]

Flora & Fauna Surveys

  • Biological surveys for a HE 12 kV line on Mt. Kaala, Oahu ~ Poles 27 and 29 maintenance activities. Prep for Hawaiian Electric. AECOS No. 1408B: 21 pp. November 2014.
  • Biological surveys for a HECO 12 kV line maintenance project in upper Waianae Valley on Oahu. Prep for Hawaiian Electric. AECOS No. 1408A: 16 pp. October 2014.
  • Biological surveys for TMK: 8-4-002:014 por. in Makaha Valley, Oahu. Prep. for Townscapes, Inc. AECOS No. 1405: 18 pp. October 2014.
  • Kapolei Lofts. Prep. for Townscapes, Inc. AECOS No. 1405: 5 p. letter report. September 2014.
  • Natural resources survey for a DLNR Administration Building in West Hawaii, Site 2: corner of Queen Kaahumanu Highway and Kealakehe Parkway, Hawaii Island. AECOS No. 1400:
    18 pp. September 2014.
  • Natural resources survey for the Hoohana Solar Farm site in Kunia, Oahu. Prep. for Group70, Inc. AECOS No. 1386A: 19 pp. June 2014. AECOS No. 1386B: 20 pp. Expanded September 2014.
  • Building 77, Kalaeloa. Prep. for Hunt Companies. AECOS No. 1405: 7 p. letter report. August 2014.
  • Natural resources survey for a proposed irrigation line Waimanalo, Oahu. Prep. for Belt Collins. AECOS No. 1385: 14 pp. July 2014.
  • Flora and fauna surveys for Hawaiian Electric Company infrastructure development, South Halawa Valley, Oahu. Prep. for Cultural Surveys Hawai‘i, Inc. AECOS No. 1390: 12 pp.
    April 2014.
  • Survey of TMK: 9-1-032: 001 on the 'Ewa Plain. Prep. for Group70 International. AECOS No. 1384: 5 p. letter report. April 2014.
  • [MORE terrestrial survey reports]

Miscellaneous Surveys & Reports

  • A survey for sphinx moth (Manduca blackburni) and associated vegetation on planned roadway corridors for the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority, Hawaii Ocean Science and Technology Park, North Kona, Island of Hawaii (Dr. S. Montgomery & A. Manning). AECOS No. 1388: 20 pp. April 2014.
  • Site inspections for the Catholic Diocese property (TMK: 9-1-17: 010 & 041) in Hono'uli'uli
    at Old Fort Weaver Road on O'ahu
    . Prep. for the Catholic Diocese of Honolulu. AECOS No. 1185B: 13 p. May 2010.
  • Hausten Ditch odor and litter elimination study -- Follow-on sampling in June 2000. AECOS No. 952: 15 p. October 2000.
  • Ecological assessment of areas adjacent to BHP Refinery, Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii AECOS No. 868: 66 p. January 1997.
  • [MORE miscellaneous reports]


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