*** Job List ***


Ongoing. Starkist Samoa Dumpsite Monitoring off Tutuila, American Samoa. AECOS No. 485.

Ongoing. Samoa Packers Wastewater Disposal Monitoring. Pago Pago, American Samoa AECOS No. 491.

Ongoing. Starkist Samoa Wastewater Disposal Monitoring. Pago Pago, Amercan Samoa. AECOS No. 429.

1995. Waialua Sugar Mill Thermal Discharge, Acute Toxicity Testing. Waialua, Oahu. AECOS No. 748.

1995. Drinking Water Well Testing, Schofield Barracks. AECOS No. 480.

1995. Kaneohe Sewer Monitoring Program. Kaneohe, Oahu. AECOS No. 787.

1995. Pier 39, Honolulu Harbor NOI Permit Applications. AECOS No. 813. May 1995.

1995. Transit Shed, Wharf S-3 Permits. Barbers Point, Oahu. AECOS No. 808.

1995. Water Quality Assessment, Convention Center, Honolulu, Oahu. AECOS No. 798.

1995. Nuupia Mangrove Removal Monitoring, Marine Corps Air Station. Kailua, Oahu. AECOS No. 794.

1994. Kamehameha Highway Dewatering Permit Analysis, Waikane to Kualoa, Oahu, Hawaii. AECOS No. 791.

1994. McCully-Waikiki Water Main Project, Water Quality Monitoring. Honolulu, Oahu. AECOS No. 736.

1994. HECO Ductline Groundwater Studies. Honolulu, Oahu. AECOS No. 760.

1994. Waipahu Landfill Groundwater Testing. Waipahu, Oahu. AECOS No. 756.

1994. American Samoa EPA Heavy Metals Toxicity Testing. Pago Pago, American Samoa. AECOS No. 811.

1994. Kahanahou Circle Groundwater Water Quality Analysis. Kaneohe, Oahu. AECOS No. 799.

1994. Water Quality Monitoring, Schofield WWTP, Wastewater Treatment Plant Wahiawa, Oahu. AECOS No. 686.

1994. Water Quality Monitoring Program Design for MCBH-WQMP Airfield Repairs. Kaneohe, Oahu. AECOS No. 784.

1994. Kaneohe Stream Water Quality Monitoring Design for Maintenance Dredging. Kaneohe, Oahu. AECOS No. 753.

1994. Kona Street Dewatering Monitoring Design. Honolulu, Oahu. AECOS No. 771.

1994. Soil & Waste Toxicity Testing. Kaneohe Marine Corp Air Station, Oahu. AECOS No. 674.

1994. Sediment Toxicity Testing at Pier 38. Honolulu Harbor, Oahu. AECOS No. 775.

1994. ??Piers 37 and 38 Biological, Water Quality and Heavy Metals Assessment. Honolulu Harbor, Oahu. AECOS No. 764.

1994. Grand Wailea Resort Groundwater Studies for UIC Permit. Wailea, Maui. AECOS No. 777.

1993. Guam WWTP Pollutant Scan. Tumon, Guam. AECOS No. 744.

1993. Apple Snail Metal Bioaccumulation Studies. Honolulu, Oahu. AECOS No. 708.

1993. Honolulu Brewery Groundwater Analyses. Honolulu, Oahu. AECOS No. 762.

1993. Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) 401 WQ Plans. Hanalei, Kauai. AECOS No. 725.

1993. Tolofofo Golf Resort Water Quality & Soils Studies. Agana, Guam. AECOS No. 701.

1993. KMCAS Storm Water Analyses. Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station, Oahu. AECOS No. 712.

1993. Wahiawa Reservoir Biological & Water Quality Study. Wahiawa, Oahu. AECOS No. 711.

1993. Pacific Sea Farms NPDES. Kahuku, Oahu. AECOS No. 585.

1993. Kahaluu Lagoon 401Documentation. Kahaluu, Oahu. AECOS No. 682.

1993. Biological & Water Quality Assessment for Kaluanui Park. Hawaii Kai, Oahu. AECOS No. 703.

1993. Kalaheo Landfill Leachate & Groundwater Testing. Kailua, Oahu. AECOS No. 724.

1993. Kahului Harbor Sediment Toxicity Testing. Kahului, Maui. AECOS No. 752.

1992. Fort Kamehameha Microbiological Test Project. Honolulu, Oahu. AECOS No. 719.

1992. Pier 8, Honolulu Harbor Water Quality Studies. Honolulu, Oahu. AECOS No. 677.

1992. Marine water quality considerations for the Kakaako Beach Park, Honolulu. AECOS No. 625.

1992. Ala Moana Beach Replenishment Water Quality Monitoring. Honolulu, Oahu. AECOS No. 713.

1992. American Samoa EPA Mandated Drinking Water Assessment. Pago Pago, American Samoa. AECOS No. 412.

1992. High Biological Oxygen Demand Study, Honolulu, Oahu. AECOS No. 714.

1992. Hawaii Kai Marina, evaluation of odor problems and fish kill events.

1992. Waikomo Stream Water Quality Plan. Poipu, Kauai. AECOS No. 726.

1992. ? Water Supply Study. Puhi, Kauai. AECOS No. 718.

1991. Stream Studies at Bayview Golf Course. Kaneohe, Oahu. AECOS No. 622.

1991. Drinking Water Testing. Majuro, Marshall Islands. AECOS No. 641.

1991. Water quality impacts assessment, proposed O'oma Resort. AECOS No. ???

1991. Environmental assessment for installation of floating docks, "The Peninsula". Hawaii Kai, Oahu. AECOS No. ???.

1991. Waikoloa Resort Lake. Alternative directions for improvement of water quality and stability. AECOS No. ???.

1991. Water quality survey for the AT&T Cable Ship Depot. Honolulu Harbor, Oahu. AECOS No. 659.

1991. NOSC Pearl Harbor Bioassay Studies. Pearl Harbor, Oahu. AECOS No. 630.

1991. EA, Dockside Chlorination Units. Pearl Harbor Shipyard, Oahu. AECOS No. 623.

1991. Bayview Golf Course Water Quality Monitoring & Soils Testing. Kaneohe, Oahu. AECOS No. 636.

1991. Well Water Drinking Water Analysis. Luluku Stream, Kaneohe, Oahu. AECOS No. 628.

1991. Part III. Post Construction surveys of algae and invertebrates on the marine bench and the nearshore bottom adjacent to the Ko Olina Resort lagoons. AECOS No. 607.

1991. An assessment of impacts on the marine environment of proposed expansion plans for the Kahului Airport, Maui. AECOS No. 618.

1990. Port Allen Bioassay. Port Allen, Kauai. AECOS No. 589.

1990. Keehi Lagoon Bioassay. Honolulu, Oahu. AECOS No. 599.

1990. EA, Prawn Hatchery, Kahuku, Aquaculture Park. Kahuku, Oahu. AECOS No. 615.

1990. Environmental assessment and proposed mitigative actions for construction of a residence in a wetland area off Anini Road, Kauai. AECOS No. 617.

1990. Hilo Harbor Bioassay. Hilo, Hawaii. AECOS No. 576.

1990. Nawiliwili Harbor Bioassay. Nawiliwili, Kauai. AECOS No. 576.

1990. Kahului Harbor Bioassay. Kahului, Maui. AECOS No. 576.

1990. Pearl Harbor Bioassay. Honolulu, Oahu. AECOS No. 576.

1989. Halawa Bioassay. Halawa, Oahu. AECOS No. 549.

1989. Piers 8-11, Honolulu Harbor Bioassay. Honolulu, Oahu. AECOS No. 535.

1989. EPTOX Hazardous Waste Identification. Fort Shafter, Oahu. AECOS No. ???.

1989. Pacific Sea Farms Zone of Mixing Studies. Kahuku, Oahu. AECOS No. 580.

1989. Pre-assessment of the impacts from the "Exxon Houston" oil spill at Barbers Point, Oahu. AECOS No. 565.

1989. Impacts assessment for the Mauna Lani Cove development with regard to humpback whales. AECOS No. 588.

1989. Biological and water quality impact assessment for a proposed mooring area at Wailea Maui. AECOS No. 571.

1988. Water and Sediment Quality Assessment for Pollutants in the Nu'upia Wildlife Management Area, Marine Corps Air Station, Kaneohe Bay. AECOS No. ???

1988. Environmental observations, Kapalama Canal at Nimitz Highway. AECOS No. 542.

1988. Environment description and assessment, Kahuku Prawn Co. site on the former Marine Culture Enterprises research station at Kahuku, Oahu. AECOS No. 584.

1988. Waimalu Stream Bioassay. Waimalu, Oahu. AECOS No. 502.

1988. EA, Marine Aquaculture Facility, Kahuku Prawn Company. Kahuku, Oahu. AECOS No. 503.

1987. Marine reconnaissance survey of the reef flat off Honokowai Point, Maui. AECOS No. ???.

1987. Environmental assessment for the Kahuku Prawn Co. marine prawn farm at the former Kahuku Airfield site. AECOS No. 454?.

1986. Post-construction Ecological Reconnaissance off the East Shore of Kualoa Beach Park. AECOS No. 361?.

1984. Bioassay and Bioaccumulation Species List for Dredged Material Testing in the Hawaiian Islands. AECOS No. 395: 57 p. July 1984.

1982. Dredged material testing for maintenance dredging of Magazine Loch, Pearl Harbor, O'ahu. Volume I. Environmental Assessment. AECOS No. 277.

1980. Limited survey of access problems at Fleming Beach, Maui. AECOS No. 217.

1980. Coastal ecosystem pamphlet (U.H. Sea Grant Program). AECOS No. 202.

1979. Groundwater Simulation Studies Relative to the Deepwell Injection of Liquid Wastes from a Manganese Nodule Processing Facility. AECOS No. 201: 26 p. March 1979.

1978. Phase III environmental surveys of deep ocean dredged spoil disposal sites in Hawaii. AECOS No. 144.

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