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AECOS, Inc. is an environmental consulting firm headquartered in the Aloha State of Hawai‘i. We have provided the services of scientists and facilities in environmental fields to clients throughout the Pacific area since 1971—forty-five very busy years of supplying professional and competent answers for clients with diverse needs in the biological and water quality sciences. The bulk of our business comes from a solid clientel of engineering firms, construction firms, planning firms, environmental groups, law firms, and county, state, and federal agencies that rely on AECOS to undertake the studies and produce professional reports as needed to cover environmental matters for their projects.

Services Offered

  • Analytical Laboratory

  • Bioassay
  • Botanical Surveys
  • Construction monitoring (WQ)
  • CWA Section 404 Delineations (streams/wetlands)
  • EA/EIS
  • Ecological Risk Assessment
  • Environment Testing
  • Marine Surveys
  • Permit Compliance
  • Stream/Lake Surveys
  • Terrestrial biological surveys
  • Water Quality Sampling
  • Wetland studies and permits
Katie Laing collecting sand sample off Waikiki Abutilon menziesii Susan Burr checking for wetland soil on Guam

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We specialize in terrestrial and aquatic (both fresh water and marine) biology and water quality, with focused expertise in water quality, water pollution, marine & fresh water ecology, and terrestrial botany. Our services assist with impact studies and reporting, environmental permit applications, compliance monitoring, resource assessments, wetland delineation, environmental restoration, and a wide range of biological studies (including sample collection, sorting, and taxonomy). To date, AECOS has completed over 1300 projects spanning a 43-year history. Our clients include foreign, federal, state, and local government agencies and many private sector companies. A list of report titles for most of those projects is provided at our web site.

AECOS maintains a laboratory that is certified by the State of Hawai‘i for most drinking water analyses. Laboratory participation in EPA performance evaluations for the SDWA and NPDES programs,combined with a strong inhouse quality control program, validate analytical performance. AECOS personnel are OSHA certified to handle hazardous waste. The laboratory is certified by the Department of Agriculture to receive soil and sediment samples from outside of Hawai‘i.

We believe in the value of the internet for communication, education, and commerce. This page introduces our commercial web site for those who may be interested in engaging our services. We have a wealth of information about the subjects we deal with every day in our business, but we suspect that most people reading this page are not shopping for an environmental consultant. Therefore, we have developed, and continue to expand several educational/informational web sites combining community and environmental themes. These web sites can be reached by clicking on the icons below.

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