Marine Biological Surveys

  • Iroquois Point Beach Nourishment and Stabilization Project: postconstruction marine ecostystem monitoring report (2015 - Year 2). Prep. for Sea Engineering, Inc. AECOS No. 1044Q: 90 pp. August 2015.
  • Biological and water quality surveys for Drainage System "B" Improvements, Kaunakakai, Molokai. Prep. for Moffit & Nichol. AECOS No. 1290C: 37 pp. August 2015 (draft)
  • Marine biological surveys for Poni Moi drain outfall improvements, Honolulu, Oahu. Prep. for Bills Engineering. AECOS No. 1437: 26 pp. August 2015 (draft).
  • Marine biological surveys for Nawiliwili Small Bioat Harbor, Pier 400 transient floating
    dock facilities, Lihue, Kauai
    . Prep. for Moffatt & Nichol. AECOS No. 1432: 23 pp. June 2015.
  • Marine biological surveys for Port Allen Small Boat Harbor, piers A and B replacement, Eleele, Kauai, Hawaii. Prep. for Moffatt & Nichol. AECOS No. 1431: 29 pp. June 2015.
  • Water quality and biological surveys for School of Ocean and Earth Science and
    Technology (SOEST), Sand Island, Oahu, Hawaii
    . Prep. for Wilson Okamoto Corp. AECOS No. 1417: 33 pp. February 2015 (draft).
  • Water quality and biological surveys at the Royal Hawaiian Groin, Waikiki, Honolulu, Oahu. Prep. for Sea Engineering Inc. AECOS No. 1394: 33 pp. October 2014.
  • Marine biological survey for a vessel landing site at Maluaka Beach, Wailea, Maui. Prep.
    for Denis Niles Consulting. AECOS No. 1387: 16 pp. April 2014.
  • Assessment of impacts to essential fish habitat and corals at Lahaina Small Boat Harbor
    for Ferry Pier Improvements scaled-back Alternative No. 3
    . Letter report prep. for Munekiyo & Hiraga, Inc. AECOS No. 1045G: 12 pp. December 2013.
  • Marine biological surveys for Pier 27 Improvements, Honolulu Harbor, Oahu. Prep. for Atlantis Submarines Hawaii. AECOS No. 1370: 31 pp. December 2013.
  • [MORE marine surveys]

Estuarine Biological Surveys

  • Assessment of impacts to Essential Fish Habitat, Kuhio Highway Short-Term Improvements Project, Wailua, Kauai. Prep. for Wilson Okamoto Corp. AECOS No. 1364: 16 pp.
    September 2013.
  • Aquatic resources survey for Hanalei Dolphin Stream Bank Stabilization Project Hanalei, Kauai. Prep. for Honua Engineering. AECOS No. 1292: 17 pp. February 2012.
  • Water quality and biological surveys of Hausten Ditch for the Ala Wai Park Improvement Project Honolulu, Oahu. Prep. for Kimura International. AECOS No. 1291: 21 pp. February 2012.
  • Biological reconnaissance survey of Mailiili Stream for an unauthorized fill restoration project, Maili, Oahu. Prep. for R. M. Towill. AECOS No. 1216: 17 p. September 2009.
  • Biological reconnaissance and water quality survey of Maili Stream for a bridge replace-
    ment project on the leeward coast of Oahu
    . Prep. for SSFM International. AECOS No.
    1201: 19 p. June 2009.
  • Biological and water quality surveys at Richardson Beach Park in Hilo, Hawaii. Prep. for Gerald Park, Urban Planner. AECOS No. 1197: 21 p. May 2009.
  • Biological reconnaissance and water quality survey of Halawa Stream estuary for a maintenance dredging project, Halawa, Oahu. Prep. for Gray, Hong, Nojima & Assoc.
    AECOS No. 1062: 24 pp. March 2009.
  • Biological and water quality surveys of Malaekahana Stream and the marine environment
    off the proposed Kahuku Village subdivision in Kahuku, Oahu
    . Prep. for R. M. Towill Corp. AECOS No. 1172: 19 p. May 2008.
  • Biological survey and water quality analysis for the Kuamoo Road culvert extension in Wailua, Kauai. Prep for Wilson Okamoto & Assoc. AECOS No. 1161: 12 p. November 2007.
  • Water quality and biological surveys of Ahalanui Park, Pualaa, Hawaii. Prep. for Wilson Okamoto and Assoc. AECOS No. 1133: 15 p. January 2007.
  • [MORE aquatic surveys]

Permit Compliance

  • Macroinvertebrate relocation plan for Honoapiilani Highway shoreline improvements at Olowalu, Maui. Prep. for Sato & Assoc. AECOS No. 1176D: 20 pp. September 2015.
  • Essential Fish Habitat Assessment for Honoapiilani Highway shoreline protection at
    Olowalu, Maui
    . Prep. for Mukekiyo & Hiraga. AECOS No. 1176C: 30 p. June 2015.
  • Biological evaluation and Essential Fish Habitat Assessment, Lahaina Small Boat Harbor Improvement Project, Maui, Hawaii. Prep. for Federal Transit Administration. AECOS No. 1045H: 57 pp. August 2014.
  • Manele Harbor coral transplantation plan. Prep. for American Marine Corp. AECOS No. 1353: 20 pp. June 2013.
  • Keauhou Small Boat Harbor coral transplantation plan. Prep. for Moffat & Nichol. AECOS No. 1324D: 27 pp. April 2013.
  • Kawaihae Small Boat Harbor Phase I improvements, coral transplantation implementation plan. Prep. for DLNR-DOBOR. AECOS No. 1182D: 26 pp. August 2012.
  • Summary report: Pre- and post-dredging video assessment of entrance channel margins
    at Lahaina Small Boat Harbor, Maui
    . Prep. for DLNR/American Marine Corp. AECOS No. 1302B: 5 pp. July 2012.
  • Kaunakakai ferry system improvements coral transplantation plan. Prep. for Wilson Okamoto Corp. AECOS No. 1211B: 19 pp. March 2012.
  • Coral transplantation plan for maintenance dredging and pier removal project in Lahaina Small Boat Harbor, Maui, Hawaii. Prep. for DLNR-DOBART. AECOS No. 1302A: 9 pp. February 2012.
  • Iroquois Point Beach Restoration Project - Compensatory Mitigation Plan for Impacts to Waters of the U.S. Prep. for Sea Engineering Inc. AECOS No. 1044E: 64 pp. July 2010.


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