Jacqueline "Snookie" Mello

    Jacqueline "Snookie" Mello is president of AECOS Inc. and has been with the company in various positions since August 1981. She currently manages the analytical laboratory and oversees a variety of projects including environmental chemistry, ecology, toxicology, and permitting. She also manages the microbiological and biotoxicity monitoring programs for AECOS.

    Ms. Mello received an AA degree in Liberal Arts with a Marine Options Program Certificate from Windward Community College in 1975 and a BA degree in Land Use Tenure and Ethnicity from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 1985. Her field of study and interest included planning, culture, geography and science. Ms. Mello has completed the 40-hour basic health and safety training required for hazardous waste workers under OSHA 1910.120.

    Ms. Mello is skilled in field sampling and laboratory techniques. Her experience includes managing nine bioassay and bioaccumulation studies in harbors and streams around the State of Hawaii for the ACOE/EPA dredged spoil ocean disposal program. She is proficient in the operation of many laboratory and field instruments, and has set up and managed monitoring programs for various ongoing projects throughout the State of Hawaii. Her field experience includes offshore, coastal, and terrestrial sample collection and monitoring.

    Ms. Mello has researched and written reports for the Department of Defense Environmental Restoration Program and assists other AECOS personnel in writing environmental assessment and impact studies. She is familiar with requirements for Zone of Mixing, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, Coastal Zone Management, Underground Injection Control, Section 401 Water Quality Certification, and other Federal, State, and County environmental permits and proficient in preparing these permit applications.

    Some of Ms. Mello's administrative duties include client contact and price quotes for most projects; dircting the office staff with invoicing and data preparation; and supervising and assisting other employees. Additionally, she is active in the community and participates on the board of several community organizations.

    Prior to working at AECOS, Ms. Mello was employed as a legislative researcher, community developer, VISTA volunteer and student help for various employers. These positions required working with community and government agencies; researching water rights, land use ownership and environmental issues; drafting maps, community plans, and regulations; and assisting botanists with forestry field work.

S. Allen Cattell

    Dr. Allen Cattell is trained in oceanography and specializes in water quality and phytoplankton ecology. His primary responsibilities at AECOS include senior review, statistical analysis, and preparation of environmental survey and assessment reports involving some aspoect of water quality. Dr. Cattell has been extensively involved in the design and implementation of field survey programs, many aimed at the production of environmental impact documents. He has participated as a major contributor in numerous ecological investigations throughout the Pacific area including: Alaska, British Columbia, California, Hawaii, Christmas Island, Johnston Island, Canton Island, Fanning Island, American Samoa, Kwajalein, Palau, Guam, and Thailand.

    Dr. Cattell received his Bachelor of Science in 1963 and Master of Marine Sciences in 1965, both from the University of the Pacific. He was awarded a Ph.D. in oceanography by the University of British Columbia in 1969. He subsequently served as an Assistant Professor in the Graduate Department of Oceanography at the University of Hawaii and as Assistant Research Associate at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology before joining the staff at AECOS. Dr. Cattell served as a member of the Technical Committee on Water Quality Standards for the State of Hawai‘i Department of Health as part of the National 208 Areawide Water Treatment Management Plan program.

    At AECOS his consulting experience has included a wide variety of environmental investigations throughout the Central and Western Pacific area, including: the effects of disposal of thermal and sewage effluents and also dredge spoils into aquatic environments; the effects of various land development and watershed uses on the water quality of rivers, streams and coastal environments; and the suitability of certain specialized environments for aquaculture development of the alga Spirulina, brine shrimp (Artemia salina), and the common mussel (Mytilus edulis) and the agriculture potential for the Barbados cherry (Acerola) in Hawaii. Research investigations have included the seasonal cycle of dinoflagellates in California coastal waters; the effects of vitamins on phytoplankton growth in the coastal waters of British Columbia; the seasonality of primary productivity in sub-tropical oceanic waters; studies of zooplankton growth rates as a function of salinity and diet under controlled laboratory conditions; factors contributing to the development of “red tides” in sub-tropical coastal waters; and ground water simulation studies relative to deep-well injection of liquid wastes from a manganese nodule processing facility.


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